The Beef Ropa Vieja Recipe my Wife is OBESSESED With

This classic Cuban Ropa Vieja Recipe is a simple dish of slow-cooked shredded beef with onions, peppers, and tomato sauce for …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Learned this dish about thirty years ago, c/o my husband. Half-Spanish, most of his family was in Tampa and everyone loved Cuban food. Cuban food is AWESOME and still waiting for its day to shine in the spotlight.

  2. Also eaten along the carribean coast, of South America, called carne demechada or carne mechada. In Colombia and Venezuela. Cilantro is also great in the sofrito.

  3. Commercial break: I went to Billy's web site and looked up the recipe. The slider is fantastic. I just wanted to make a half-recipe. Just starting this and will make the Cuban black beans too. I can hardly wait.

  4. Ropavieja is ideally cooked with leftover meat from a traditional cocido, which is a dish brought to the Iberian peninsula by the Sefardís in the early middle ages and it is still prepared nowadays, usually on Mondays. Cocido is related to the Eastern European Ashkenazi mazto ball soup. Spain brought ropavieja to Cuba but the Cuban recipe is so much more flavorful and delicious. Ropavieja is the food I would bring to a desert island.

  5. Chef. I really appreciate your work. I have 3-4 Internet chefs for my “go to” for recipes and technique. Your videos are well done with great advice and suggestions.
    Thanks for your hard work and thoughtful presentation.

  6. Am I glad to know that you made Ropa Vieja. This is one of my family’s favorite dish, I used to make it from a recipe that I found many years ago from Tony Danza. It was so delicious. Any way when I went back to look for the recipe, it was gone and for the life of me I couldn’t make it from memory and it wasn’t the same. Now I’m super happy to find yours and I don’t know if at one point I’ve made a comment in one of your videos to please make this. Any way I’m super happy that you made this and I will go ahead and make it this weekend. Thank you Chef!

  7. Hello Chef, I came across your video as I was actually making some Ropa Vieja myself. I'm Cuban and have been making it very old school just like my mom. Your recipe looks great and I'll be making it your way moving forward. Love your content.

  8. I have used a good recipe for this but because your recipes take everything over the top,I am gonna make this next time…Love all your recipes…you are the greatest chef of all…

  9. Being Cuban, I wanted to come here, get on my high horse and tell you all the stuff you did wrong but I can’t! This is a very good and authentic version. The only variations from more traditional recipes are browning the meat, first but I confess I do that too because it’s better, and using cilantro which you pointed out is not traditional. I’m sure it tastes great though.

    Serving it with maduros and white rice just added insult to injury because that was my last chance to show my superiority, but you nailed that too! Great stuff.

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  11. Without knowing you made right there the Venezuelan national dish "Pabellón criollo" we cook the ropa vieja slightly different, not so heavy with the tomato, we use anato dyed oil to make the "sofrito" and we add a local pepper called "ají dulce " a not spicy pepper but very fragrant. We serve it with "Caraotas negras" (black beans), rice and "tajadas" the sliced fried plantains. Nice recipe my friend ✨

  12. Aloha. Used to have a Cuban girlfriend in high school in Florida. We’d visit her grandmother in ybor city occasionally for lunch. That lady put out 6-7 dishes, didn’t even eat, but watched me gorge with a smile on her face. This was one of those dishes!

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