The Homemade Orange Chicken My Family is ADDICTED to

This easy-to-prepare Orange Chicken Recipe of fluffy batter fried chicken in a sweet orange sour sauce is the perfect weeknight …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Added all the sauce ingredients together at once by accident and probably missed a little bit of nuanced flavor but it was still good. Ill be making this again to dial in the flavor. Also, this was my fist time frying in the wok and i liked that. I cant seem to get my wok seasoned black though.

  2. Hello…I'm sort of new to cooking, and have a question….after you've cooked all the chicken, the leftover flour/cornstarch mixture, is that the "slurry"? AND its added to sauce at the end to make it a little thicker? Like I said, I'm a beginner, maybe add to the cooking instructions to "set leftover mixture aside". I can see myself just tossing this bowl in the sink after chicken is cooked, thinking it's not needed, because it doesn't say. I apologize for just throwing this out,(the suggestion, not the slurry) this is why a recipe should be read through before cooking…thanks so much.
    Ok…edit…I've made this today, thinking the leftover mix of chicken is slurry….it came out so good! Awesome recipe…going to see what else you have that's awesome (probably everything, right) 😊

  3. I haven't even started watching but did you velvet the chicken? A little bit of cornstarch and some water soak your chicken bits in it for like 15 minutes max then you coat it and cook it and your chicken will be so juicy and so delicious oh wait I think you add it's not cornstarch and water it's baking soda and water then you toss the chicken that after its rinsed and everything in cornstarch thin layer of cornstarch then you can do the dipping and cooking

  4. Looks fantastic. One word of advice/warning – after crushing up the pepper between your fingers, WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! There are two types of people in this world; people who have touched their eyes after doing so and those who will at some time do so. Speaking from personal and painful (but very humorous) experience. Thanks so much!

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