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  1. This is poorly edited click bait and I suckered-in because it is so ridiculous. The biggest problem I have is not peeling off the plastic label before torching the cheese. Peeling the potatoes? Seriously? This is a good example of the stretched video. Lot's of unnecessary footage. If this is typical Tasty style. I'll not bother again.

  2. freaking insane world🤮 ppl consider it's normal n even a ''manner'' for women to wear makeup same as shaving n dressing up almost like we are lowkey forced n judged n pointed out if we don't while male beings casually expose their naked face n hairy body no matter how they look n make way less effort on their appearance n judge women assuming they are at higher position n have right to do.

  3. This is so triggering… first she's lactose intolerant… then she can't even peel potatoes… then she doesn't like the smell of aged cheese!

    Like seriously what do they write in their resume to get hired???

  4. Omg ive never seen Alix without makeup on omg.

    edit: guys i am by no means hating on her. she looks goddamn gorgeous either way. I was just caught off guard. (and sorry for misspelling her name. i fixed it)

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