THIS is How I Get PERFECT Pot Roast Every Time

This classic Pot Roast Recipe is a pre-seasoned roasted chuck roast that is slowly braised in a flavorful beef broth and finished …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. This more work than i usally put in for a potroast, but is legit the best postroast I've ever made. Great recipe! i can never go back to instapot quickie potroast.

  2. Chef Billy, you are the best! I was at your website today and grabbed your key lime pie recipe and the raspberry sauce. I am making it for my hubby's birthday. Thank you! Every one of your recipes I have tried has been fantastic.

  3. Cooking for one. Explain the how to of buying fresh herbs and not having every dish for the next 10 days seasoned with those same fresh herbs over and over, so as not to have those herbs go bad. If freezing or dehydrating them to prevent that, then what's the point? Then you have to use up the frozen or dehydrated before buying fresh again.

  4. Okay, wtf kind of fridge do you have with drawers like that? Not that I'm willing to pay for that but still have to know. I'm rebuilding a foreclosure and making it to my liking (should be my home for the next 20 to death, assuming I don't die in less then 20, eh, 50/50). For me, high end is more like Kitchen Aid double wall oven and gas cook top, with similar everything else. The only commercial(ish) level stuff is for my meat processing (sausage, bacon, ham, breaking down a whole damn moose, etc.), for that everything is actually cheaper then Kitchen Aid, but heavy stainless steel and the like (no wife would want it in any kitchen she would show off, luckily I don't have a wife).

  5. Just out of curiosity is this your home kitchen or just where you film? I know your earlier videos were in a “home kitchen” but don’t remember if you moved. I like the industrial/functional set up. I’ve always wanted a big sink with sprayer in my house 😂

  6. Pot roast has always been one of my favorite meals in the winter. It's not super expensive, it makes your house smell great, and it goes with rice, noodles, mashed potatoes, or just the vegetables you cook it with. Brian Lagerstrom recently did a pot roast video and I like his version too. Regardless, pot roast is the meal that keeps on giving.

  7. I've been following you since this summer, when i saw your reverse sear video. Since then, i have tried at least 4 recipees including the mammoth chicken buriyani.. what a challenge! BUT i love your content, i love the delivery and love the philosophy "make it your own, taste often!" Thankyou, cheers from Quebec.

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