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  1. Can we add anything else for health or taste, for example garlic paste or Mooli ka patta? (Raddish leaves) Im going to try this today. Hoping for the best! Fingers crossed!

  2. Substitutes for butter are also at the previously mentioned store but I love Earth Balance-which comes in full fat and lite. Here is a site that lists some ideas for substitutions. savvy vegetarian has a list of substitions for baking. google her blog

  3. For any of the vegans who visit, there are many brands of vegan cheez in stores. I shop at Whole Foods but Kroger, Meijer, VGs, most national chains, most health food stores, and Even Trader Joe's carry non-dairy cheez. Some are better than others but its a matter of taste. If you are outside the US, just call or visit a well stocked grocery. It's a fairly common item these days.

  4. @SunlightsHorizon I haven't tried this recipe yet, so Im not sure if it'd would work… But for the cheese, perhaps you could try using Nutritional Yeast? However, the name of the recipe does say 'CHEESE' crackers, therefore suggesting that it'd might kind of be a key ingredient…

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