Mindy Kaling And Hawa Hassan Make Spicy Somali Pasta

Join Mindy Kaling and Hawa Hassan in the Tasty kitchen as they make Spicy Somali Pasta, or Suugo Suqaar. As a former Somali …


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  1. I’m from Minnesota and nearly all of my friends are Somali. I love you guys. Through my journey to Islam you guys have invited me to your homes, offered to teach my worried parents about Islam, and gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome. I am so grateful. I had the chance to perform Umrah last month and it was the best experience of my life. Thank you so much, you’re always welcome here. ❀️

  2. Usually I put Keema (mince meat curry with potatoes and sometimes with peppers or peas) on speggatti, my mum used to do that, usually its eaten with roti. Childhood favorites

    Pakistani here

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