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  1. Wow aunty! This really looks great. I am trying to loose weight for which I am not on diet but yes, on a sensible eating plan:) and I guess the above recipe fits best in my plan. Will try it for dinner tonight. Thank you so much for putting together recipes that are easily understandable and also not much time consuming.

  2. Manjula aunti ,I made this sabji today just the way you showed here.My husband said that just the smell of it while cooking was mouth watering.Aunti,do you have a recipe for aloo gobi as well?Thank you so much for putting online such uncomplicated and tasty recipes.

  3. Looks tasty : ) Thank you for a the inspiring recipes, Manjula ! I already made one of your desserts once… but I'll try this recipe soon : ) Have a wonderful weekend, lady !

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