Which Celebrity Makes The Best Deviled Eggs?

Katie puts 4 eggscellent celebrity deviled eggs recipes to the ultimate test. Who will win? Kourtney Kardashian, Joanna Gains, Ina …


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  1. Key takeaways…Kardashian lost because ugh. The only black woman won because we know how to throw down in the kitchen. No offense to the other side but y'all always be adding stuff that just doesn't belong! Raisins in potato salad? For real!? 😂

  2. I am bedevilled that anyone would take out yolks, process them and stuff them back then eat it. Seems like a lot of work. Too much work.

    I can understand Scotch eggs but not Deviled Eggs (too much of roundabout I find it just ridiculous).

  3. I can't believe we are still trucking in avocados and fruit from Mexico and Central America ……. What about all that diesel fuel and the carbon footprint ?

  4. For filling I use worcester sauce (probably misspelled that), yellow mustard, mayo, a little bit of pickle juice, cracked black pepper, and of course the yolks. Then to top, a sprinkle of paprika and fresh chives

  5. Anybody who is reading this i want you to know u are on the right path everything is aligning according to divine greatest plan for you, just have faith the best is coming of everything is coming your way fastly 💫

  6. 8:15 you did not tell us about the mustard! The mustard was on your table and then in the bawl, so it looks like Oprah is adding mustard too (or whatever the yellow thing is) but you did not tell us about it!

  7. In mine i put mayonnaise, curry powder, dijon mustard, chopped sweetened pickles, salt and white pepper and smoked paprika on top! If I don’t have any pickles, i use dijon honey mustard 👌🏽

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