This Penne All Vodka Made Me Fall in Love with Pasta

This incredibly easy-to-prepare Penne Alla Vodka is one of the most flavorful kinds of pasta with penne pasta tossed in a …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. Dried pasta is the only way to have al dente pasta that not soft All the way through. Dry is not always worse nor is fresh better. It depends on what you are marking.

  2. I too am a fresh pasta snob. In Italy, fresh pasta and dry pasta are two different products and everyone uses both. I only grew up with the dry stuff in a box, so fresh pasta was an epiphany for me and that was all I would eat for the longest time.
    In this recipe, dry pasta is ideal, as you used, and it looks amazing. 10/10

  3. looks great and will be giving it a go. quick question though, when you give the fluid measure in imperial and then give a metric measure, why do you give it in weight vs fluid? ie: gram as opposed to ml (milliliter)?

  4. Ok… let’s talk about why vodka get involved in a tomato pasta ( a copy of Amatriciana) you put Fresh hot pepper tomato pancetta I mean everything will cover the vodka ,Usually wend we do vodka pasta some smoked fish is part of recepy like salmon and / or caviar in white sauce the vodka will have a reason to be there , don’t get me wrong , surely the recepy is good but because the matriciana is good not because the vodka ………..😂

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