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  1. Lol they call fries french Friesland cuz they came from the southern part of Belgium wich is rlly close to france but they also speak French in the southern part of belgium so they call them French fries but people mistake it saying it’s made in france cuz french came from (obviously)the French

  2. "french" has nothing to do with France. It's old irish to say "cut in pieces". Already used in cook book in the USA since 1850 to speak about potatoes cut in pieces and fried. No one can clearly say if it was invented in France or Belgium anyway…

  3. You went to Paris, France and mad e a conscious decision to eat at McDonald’s of all places? If you are sponsored by McD, I say well played. If not, you are an imbecile of the highest order.

  4. To all people saying french food isn't about health: it's true. BUT french McDonald's actually focused on 100% french products which makes a enormous difference in quality with american ones were you don't even know if it's really meat in your steak. And also additives etc, which in the end impacts the health factor.

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