I was BLOWN AWAY by this Apple Tarte Tatin

This easy-to-make tarte Tatin recipe has only 6 ingredients and comes together in under 1 hour for an unbelievably delicious …


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About the Author: Chef Billy Parisi


  1. ok…..I watched 2 receipes before yours, and I CHOOSE YOU!!! I don't like the idea of puff pastry for this recipe either. I'm making this Tatin in the next couple hours…wish me luck!!!

  2. My all-time favourite! There are many possible variations and add-ons. Personally, I like it better with a "pâte feuilletée" (puff pastry across the pond), admittedly more work if you do it yourself though.

  3. Absolutely delicious! Just made it with the addition of 25g bourbon maple syrup in the Carmel for some extra warmth. So.darn.good! Thanks Chef Parisi!
    (Wish we could post pics for ya, im tellin ya guys it looks amazing)

  4. I made this last night but put a twist on it I made the tarte tatin, I used cognac, vanilla and sugar for the caramel added a bit cinnamon to the sauce, cooked the apples in it, then I added the pastry placed it on oven, then I made a crumble mix separately baked that till golden brown, took the tarte out the oven let it cool turned it out, then I added the crumble too the top served with some clotted cream was delicious. Also I use golden caster sugar .

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