I Tried To Make A 2,000-Year-Old Cheesecake Recipe • Tasty

Cheesecake seems pretty fancy, but where did it actually come from? On another episode of Edible History, Hannah Hart dives …


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  1. Sorry but the pronunciation is incorrect. Is not "souilla" or "sowilla" but SAVILLUM:
    -SA like SAturday
    -VI like VIsualization
    -LLUM like LUMinosity (but with the double "L")
    Thanks for reading my advice 😘

  2. One thing that I have to point out is that using lemons for the cheese-making process would have been anachronistic for the time of Cato the Elder. Lemons were introduced to the Italian peninsula around 350 years after Cato died. The cheese originally used in the recipe was probably made with rennet, which would have imparted a stronger flavor.

  3. Indians also have an ancient dish called "chhenna poda" with the exact same ingredients+caradamom but without eggs and it it tastes more crumbly and caramelized. I tried making that and it came out awesome.

  4. That's not how cheese was discovered at all! It was discovered by carrying milk in the stomach of a young animal which contain the enzymes to turn the milk into cheese

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