How To Make 2 Styles Of Fried Chicken By Marcus Samuelsson • Tasty

Learn how to master two different delicious styles of fried chicken by Marcus Samuelsson. Follow Marcus on Instagram: …


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  1. Thank you Chef Samuelsson for these fantastic recipes!! I can't wait to make the Berbere chicken rub dish!!! You're an amazing chef and human being! Peace & Blessings sir!🙏🏽

  2. Is something about chef Marcus Samuelson , maybe because I’m from Mexico 🇲🇽 and he is from Ethiopia but I’m going to try to make his original fried chicken recipe. Hope it comes out tasty 😋

  3. He has some of the best fried chicken I've ever eaten! I lived on the same street as Red Rooster, off 126th, just 2 mins from the restaurant and I threw all my money at it regularly. It was really that good!

  4. I love mole and I understand why he didn’t make it traditionally since the traditional version takes forever and not to mention requires upwards to 20+ ingredients but for production purposes I get it.

  5. Hi Marcus My name is Samuel and I am from Ethiopia my lovely Son Natanim is your fan and love your fried chicken wings and watches your videos once everyday.He is a 7 year old boy and asked me to put this message for you and want to come to your restaurant to try the chicken wings.Thanx

  6. Love the Red Rooster chicken from the way it looks but all his others are just so over the top weird. I just wouldn't put out a recipe I wouldn't serve. And I wouldn't serve any of his recipes but the original he demonstrates b ut never shares. I love when Chefs act like they're sharing but really hold back their best stuff in books and online. It's very understandable. But one has to really scour the internet to find good fried chicken recipes for this reason. Most are never what they actually serve in their restaurant. All the top places don't share their recipes. Not a fan of mole or berebere. Why does every culture always feel the need to showcase their "roots". KFC and McDonalds nuggets are still the iconic recipes no one has ever matched and I go by taste, not my culture. I'll take these replicas made at home to my own culture's chicken. So tired of Asians cooking only Asian, Jewish (me) using matzah, Blacks doing Ethiopian. Just cook what tastes good. If you want to showcase your culture, find another way. I just don't want Asian or Berebere, or Nashville hot as my first pick every day. But could eat KFC and Mcnuggets every day. Why do people on the news always lie also when a Chef is on, that the Chef's fried chicken outdoes Shakeshack, KFC and Chik Fil A, when they clearly don't stand a chance with these weird recipes with cornmeal and strange spice mixes. And Shakeshack uses just as high quality chicken, so don't tell me it's healthier at home.

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