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  1. Hello Auntie, Is there an alternative to using ENO fruit salt? I have sodium bicarbonate but no citric acid. If I am making this on the fly, could I use baking soda and lemon juice? I live in an area where it is challenging to get the correct ingredients. Thank you.

  2. Hi Ms. Manjula, I have been watching your videos quite often these days and I couldn't help myself but praise you for what you are doing. I have experienced so many ladies of this age escaping from mass communication but you communicate so well that one can easily build a connection. You express culinary in a very sober way unlike other fancy professional tutorials. You are always "to the point" yet welcoming. Way to go mam!

  3. Why do Indians always like to cut things in a diamond shape? This is something I have noticed from watching Indian cooking videos and in India I also saw that a lot of the sweets sold at temples were cut in the same way.

  4. Hello, Manjula has a wonderful recipe/video for hari/cilantro chutney. Unfortunately I am unable to post a link. If you do a search "hari chutney-cilantro chutney by Manjula" you will find the video.

  5. A microwave is not ideal for baking cakes or breads. It is only ideal in heating already cooked foods because it uses electromagnetic radiation to excite molecules, making them build up energy (heat). So, it cannot really "cook." Yuck, enough with the geeky talk..

    If you wanna bake it, make a water bath and do it in an oven — cover it with aluminum foil, place in a bigger pan, and put water in the bigger pan up to about halfway of the pan with the batter 🙂

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