Chole Palak | Chickpeas with Spinach Curry | Spinach Garbanzo Curry | Recipe by Manjula

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  1. Thank you so much for the recipe.

    I had seen several videos so many years before, but today I understand English and I can follow precisely the recipe.

    Moreover, thanks to the asafoetida I had learned a litle bit about hindu culture and history. And about my self euro-mediterranean culture. Is told that in the ancient mediterranean sea there was a vere preciated herb called laserpicio, or silphio. Seems to be a local variation of ferula asafoetida. This god blessing grows in the Cirenaica region, in modern Líbia. The coins of Cirene city shows the herb in one of it's sides. This spice and medicine was very useful and the plant to much difficult to be cultivated. The price grow up to the value of his weight in silver. Romans take laserpicio to extinction. The spice then starts to be imported from Persia. But in the middle age the use in Europe starts to decrease until reaching the complete lost of that medical and culinary tradition.

  2. Wow,, luckily got the "expert chef" on the 1st attempt 🙂, 1st time I planned to cook Spanish/chickpeas & hit the perfact recipe, thx Ma'am, you are really great. fast, easy & yummy recipe. 🙏

  3. This is a favorite taste combination of mine. Great recipe! Thank you Manjula, I have subscribed to your channel as I need to eat more plant based whole foods and you have some lovely and easy to follow recipes! Thank you.

  4. i tried this recipe tonight. it turned out great. i wasn't sure if i should use chili powder or chili pepper powder (hot). i used the former and it was delicious on top of jasmine rice.

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