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  1. I've tried century egg both plain and in a dish and it honestly doesn't have a bad taste to me. I'm not sure how to describe it but it tastes numbing but also strong? Really not bad

  2. I like how most of the people that are saying “eww” are all people not from Asia. It’s okay to say you don’t like something but don’t disrespect it. I thought that we already learned that different places and cultures have different traditions and foods, like this egg. People should learn how to respect other cultures.

  3. I love century eggs!! It looks weird but it taste amazing esp the creamy yolk. I remembers years and years back, eating this was a fear factor challenge lol I’m like.. give me that! Let me win some money 🤑

  4. Just so you guys know, century eggs are not actually a century old. And the people who claim that they are disgusting and no one should eat these just don’t understand the taste. Like they said it has a very refined taste

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