Can I Make Better Penne Alla Vodka Than Gigi Hadid? • Tasty

Katie (@oldladiekatie) tries to make penne alla vodka better than Gigi Hadid’s. Will she do it? Subscribe to Tasty: …


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  1. This is great when I don’t have any tomatoes, just cream and tomato paste creates a great fulfilling dish.

    If I had tomatoes I make penne arrabiata instead. Wouldn’t mind eating pasta every single day 😅

  2. I’d love to know the cost comparison between the two dishes. Where I live I suspect Gigis recipe would cost $10 but the other one would be at least $20. Maybe I inflated the total costs. But Gigis version is probably half the cost and a lot easier to make.

  3. I made Gigi’s pasta at home with my sister and it was so good and so easy, best part every body loved it all though we did triple the serving because there is six people in my family so we added a lot of red pepper flakes it was spicy!

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